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All routers are one-piece welded steel frame construction and all our machines are a true turn-key system. When I say Turn-Key I mean that you get everything that allows the machine to work, Computer, Motion Controller, Spindle, Machine frame, steppers and a table top. Our machines have many options to add on such as a rotary lathe, Automatic Tool Changer, Servos, Vacuum Hold downs, Dust collectors etc... the list goes on and on. All our machines are a true dual drive system. When you get it, all you need to do is apply power and she is good to go.

Eagle Eye CNC router EG-I series

This is our entry level model. This model is a entry level system that is typical towards a general hobbyist or individuals that are interested in making some items on the side. Many companies have started with our entry level and then when they start growing and making a profit they upgrade to our serious machines.

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Eagle Eye CNC router EG-V series

This is our middle level machine. It's great for those small business who want to compete with larger company's and still be in a price range that wont breaking the bank.

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Eagle Eye CNC router EG-X series

This is our industrial grade serious production machine. This machine moves and can cut your current production time down tremendously. We use high end controllers on these machines, and we mean business. I have seen clients cut at 1200 IPM and rapid travels up to 3000 IPM. These are not tpyical for every scenario. But it can be done.

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